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How To Keep Your Home Cool In Midlothian Texas!

As the sun rises higher in the sky, there's a feeling that's all too familiar to those of us who call Midlothian Texas home – the sizzling embrace of summer. With each passing year, we find ourselves bracing for the heat, preparing for the waves of scorching air that seem to settle in for the season. Here are a few quick tips to keep your home as cool as possible this season:

  1. Check and Clean Air Filters: Replace or clean your air filters regularly during the summer months to ensure optimal airflow and prevent strain on your HVAC system.

  2. Inspect and Clean Condenser Unit: Clear debris such as leaves, grass, and dirt from the outdoor condenser unit to maintain proper airflow and efficiency.

  3. Check Thermostat Settings: Adjust your thermostat settings for the summer season to ensure comfort while conserving energy. Consider using a programmable thermostat for better control.

  4. Test the Air Conditioning System: Before the heat sets in, test your air conditioning system to make sure it's cooling properly. If you notice any issues, schedule a professional inspection.

  5. Clear Vents and Registers: Ensure that vents and registers are not blocked by furniture, curtains, or other obstructions. Proper airflow improves cooling efficiency.

  6. Inspect Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can reduce cooling efficiency. Have a professional technician check and adjust refrigerant levels if needed.

  7. Seal Air Leaks: Check windows and doors for gaps or leaks that could let cool air escape and warm air in. Proper insulation helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

  8. Clean Evaporator Coils: Dust and debris can accumulate on the evaporator coils, hindering heat exchange. Regular cleaning improves efficiency and cooling performance.

  9. Check and Clean Ducts: Ensure that your ducts are free from dust and debris. Clean ducts improve indoor air quality and system efficiency.

  10. Trim Vegetation: Trim back vegetation around the outdoor unit to ensure adequate airflow and prevent obstructions.

  11. Inspect Drainage: Make sure the condensate drain line is clear to prevent clogs and water damage. Flush the drain line with a mixture of water and bleach if necessary.

  12. Monitor Energy Consumption: Keep an eye on your energy bills. If you notice a sudden increase, it could indicate an efficiency problem with your HVAC system.

  13. Consider a Tune-Up: Schedule a professional HVAC maintenance service to inspect, clean, and tune up your system before the peak summer season.

  14. Close Curtains and Blinds: During the hottest parts of the day, keep curtains and blinds closed to minimize heat gain from sunlight.

  15. Use Fans Wisely: Ceiling fans help circulate cool air, allowing you to raise the thermostat a few degrees without sacrificing comfort.

  16. Create Ventilation: Use exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens to expel hot air and humidity, helping your AC work more efficiently.

  17. Consider Upgrades: If your HVAC system is outdated, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model that can provide better cooling and cost savings in the long run.


If you are considering a new HVAC system in Midlothian or any nearby city, give the Summit team a call! We are happy to offer a free quote for system replacement and help you achieve optimal comfort in your home!

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