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This Fall,

Tune Up Before
You Turn On

Before winter arrives, let Summit AC and Heating be the first to turn on your heat. Our multi-point inspection ensures your system is running safely and efficiently. We are able to identify potential issues before they cause costly repairs and prevent you from being left out in the cold.


Let Summit keep you at the peak of comfort this winter!

Cost: $79

Financing Available!

Serving the DFW Metroplex

Safety, Efficiency, Durability = $ Saved

Schedule Your Tune Up

Thanks for submitting a request. We will be in touch soon, or if this is an emergency, please call us at 817-886-0540.

Summit AC and Heating Multi-Point Checklist

We inspect and evaluate the following

Gas Heat Systems:

  1. Flex gas line connection

  2. All electrical connections at furnace

  3. Flue pipe connection at furnace and roof penetration

  4. Burners (cleaning included)

  5. Heat exchanger (vacuuming included)

  6. Blower wheel and motor

  7. Blower motor capacitor

  8. Filter (replacement included - 1” standard filter only)

  9. Combustion air availability

  10. Gas pressure at gas valve

  11. Test for limit and safety functions

Heat Pump Systems:

  1. Condensing unit (cleaning included, if necessary)

  2. Refrigerant pressures

  3. Fan and compressor capacitors

  4. Secondary heat sequence and amperage

  5. Blower motor capacitor

  6. Filter (replacement included - 1” standard filter only)

  7. Evaluate electrical loads at condenser

  8. Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible)

  9. Inspect blower motor and wheel


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